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GIKHA Construction and Projects cc : Our main focus is on managing and controlling projects civil construction, new building development, road construction, property renovations, sewer, water and sanitation services. We work towards developing our environment in a scientific and economic manner as to meet the social and all basic human needs.

GIKHA Construction and Projects cc focuses on construction, civil, managing projects, and developing our environment in a scientific and economic manner as to meet the social and all basic human needs. Ensuring that water, Transport, building and other infrastructure are well managed and constructed.

Building Services:

specialising in assured quality structures on our development projects for a satisfactory outcome On residential, office, recreation centrers, bridges, and road development projects. We contribute sustainable infrastructure ensuring a safe working environment. Creating employment and building the nation in an economic manner
The construction process is overseen by a project manager and supervised by a team of professionals including a construction managers, design engineers, architects, civil engineers Risk managers, quality control officers and site foreman.

Raod Construction:

South African leaders on road projects, our road services scale from construction of new roads, upgrading of gravel roads, road maintenance and paving installation. we apply a project management approach to oversee the construction process. with a panel of profeesionals on respective fields.

Sewer Services:

Gikha construction and projects, offers the complete drainage repair and maintenance Our team can handle the smallest blockage right through to road opening, linking sewer connection with road opening and pipe replacement with leading service quality on unblocking public sewers.

Water & Sanitation:

Providing a wide social, economic and environmental contexts of urbanisation and municipal water and infrastructure, Ensuring Quality control on sustainable and equitable municipal water, sanitation, environmental and infrastructure services in South Africa.

Storm Water:

Gikha construction and projects works towards providing appropriate, cost effective, safe, efficient and affordable Roads, Storm water and Transportation Infrastructure in order to improve the quality of life of our communities by stimulating economic growth and development.
We deal with roads maintenance (tarred and gravel), street verge maintenance, the surfacing of roads, reinstatement of service trenches, cleaning and rehabilitation of the storm water system and culverts.