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Education & Enterprise development are our core socio-economic develoment activities.

At GEM we have a dual stakeholder engagement role. Not only do we need to build relations based on trust with GEM Group stakeholders, we also need to support our community. This is achieved by proactively telling their story and the lessons we learn on our journey towards building resilience, not only in GEM Group's portfolio, but also in our communities. 

Reputation management will always be a key objective of our stakeholder engagement strategy. Our approach to achieving this objective is to proactively build trust, raise awareness of our story and identify and align with those who share the same values. 

We establish the key concerns and interests of our stakeholders through interaction with our board, our shareholder and the communities. 

GEM Group's governance structures and Izani Enterprises representation on the boards of investee companies are continually reviewed by the Board of directors and the Executive Committee. Alignment to changing legislation remains a priority and GEM Group adheres to the requirements of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008; and King IV.