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A Private & Event Distribution Company.

Izani Media and Distribution provides private and event distribution for promotional purposes and ABC circulation figures. Izani manages media activations and events on behalf of clients to drive both distribution and subscriptions. We also negotiate distribution with hotels, airports and other strategic outlets on behalf of publishers and media owners. (

Who Are We?

Izani Media & Distribution is an independent media consulting and distribution company, that provides full publishing and distribution services, partnering with other quality publishers and suppliers to offer a wide range of custom publishing services as well as strategic marketing services. Izani manages media activations and events on behalf of clients to drive both distribution and subscriptions. 


Izani Media and Distribution offers the following services:

    Contract Publishing Management
    Managing of Barter Deals and Promotions
    Digital publishing and mobile app development
    Activations and Subscription Drives
    Retail and Private Magazine Distribution

Contract Publishing Management

    Izani Media and Distribution provides efficient contract publishing management and consulting services to clients who want to produce new publications, and also project manages the entire production process in-house
    Izani Media and Distribution has managed to secure top publications in the country including the Municipal Focus (an LGBN publication), Public Sector Manager (a GCIS publication), Joy of Jazz ( A Joy of Jazz Concert publication) and the Metro FM Awards programme magazine
    We have the capability of producing both print and digital publications of any size for any client or communications department, for both internal and external communication purposes. 

Managing Of Barter Deals And Promotions

 Izani Media and Distribution also negotiates and manages barter deals and promotions for publications
Promotions will not be limited to print, but include radio and other mediums. 

We also negotiate distribution with our channel partners which include hotels, airport lounges and other strategic outlets on behalf of publishers and media owners 

Retail, Private & Digital Magazine Distribution

Izani Media and Distribution provides niche distribution solutions for smaller publishers, government departments and corporate through its network of partners, channels and outlets.
We provide two methods of distribution: Retail and Private distribution
 We have a dedicated team that will design and plan your distribution strategy that will reach your target audience and improve your Audit Bureau Circulation (ABC) figures.
Through our Technology Department, we have launched the Izani Digital Newsstand App, to be accessed in the App store in May 2013 and Android Platforms in April called Izani DigiMagz (iDM) 

Potential Clients

- Gauteng and National Sports awards - booklet, hostesses
- KCFC and Orlando Pirates awards - booklet, hostesses
- Miss Sundowns - booklet, hostesses

- Channel O awards - booklet, hostesses
- MTVBase awards - booklet, hostesses
- Music concerts - booklets, hostesses
- Government, Parastatals, Corporates:-
- Golf days - booklet, hostesses
- Indabas - booklet, hostesses
- Financial reports - mobile app development

   Currently only avail on hard copy - convergence (digital publications)