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A 100% Black-Owned Production & Television Facility.

Our online Tv channels are coming soon.


Izani Media and Television has a "Full Service" Post production facility in Sandton with 4 Edit Suites, State of the Art surround sound final mixing studio and two recording booths. Our team of editors bring both creativity and expertise to your production.

IZANI Media offers a "Full Service" Post Production facility at our offices, which includes:

- 4 Edit Suites
- Production of T.V. Commercials
- HD workflow with Pro-compositing & Graphics (Logo animations)
- All Location Shoot & Direction
- Casting of Talent & Location Recce's
- 6M X 5M Green "CHROMA" room with Cold lighting & :Live Key: suite
- DVD Authoring & Design

Izani Multimedia and Television

Izani Multimedia and Television is a joint venture between Klaaste Media and the GEM Group that delivers an end to solutions in audio visual production from conceptualizing to producing the final product. Not only do we specialise in government and corporate communication solutions; but we cater for your social & communications events.

Izani Multimedia and Television specialization areas:

- Integrated video and photography services
- Content production and content management
- Creation of Television channels on various media platforms
- Multimedia packaging and distribution
- Pre and post production facilities