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Specialist in Hotel Development & Management.

Colosseum Luxury Hotels

68 generously sized suites and presidential penthouses: 34 Deluxe Suites, 26 Executive Suites and 8 Presidential Penthouses, each consisting of two- and three- bedrooms and bathrooms.

The Island Club Hotel

Surrounded by a serene canal, the Island Club Hotel and Apartments in Century City, Cape Town, is both a welcoming place to stay as well as a dreamy destination. Be  able to relax after a long day of touring.

Dorson Beach Hotel

Have a view of absolute luxury at the Dorson Beach Hotel. The hotel comes with lavishly packed suites that will suit you and your family effortlessly, as well as gourmet food lounges where you can enjoy meals.

Monatgu Springs Hotel

Nestled between 2 mountains, just 2km far on the outskirts of Montagu, a Resort that offers both AA Superior and AA Highly Recommended Accommodation.. 

In addition, Izani Hotels also sees hotels as powerful Medias, while hotel managers and our travel consultants fill in rooms; we also focus on making hotels powerful Medias by providing the following services:


OTRUM IPTV solution which is the leading providing of HD Digital end-to end interactive TV solution and content to the hospitality industry

Online marketing solution for hotels (YouTube, facebook, twitter and website)

Video production services "hotel review videos"

Hotel Applications - we are the only ones in the country who can develop a fully running up in less than 4 weeks


- Innovative Hotel Branding and Repositioning

The ideas for the innovative re-positioning of the Hotel Group will be as follows:

- Review existing and improve on communications and marketing strategy

- Develop and implement an internal and external brand repositioning strategy

- Manage strategic event

- Develop and design strategic Branding and Communications material

With this understanding, it is possible to accomplish the following four phases:

- Discovery Phase: (research)

- Analytical Phase: (Research)

- Strategic Phase

- Execution Phase

Execution Phase 2: PR and Creative Services


For the hospitality industry, Otrum offers guest-centric services such as digital TV content, premium viewing catalogues, and guest Internet access.

At the same time, hotel staff can harness the power of tailored communications and marketing, guest profiling and analysis of guest behaviour.

Otrum has an innovative digital signage solution to provide information, way-finding and advertising to wide audiences.

Providing easy-to-use mass communication tools for hotel lobbies, conference centres, hospitals, football stadiums, shopping centres, airports, public areas, prisons, military bases, ships and so on.


We create a specialized mobile application for hotels, mobile Application with POS (Point of sale) facilities and mobile Application in integrate social media.

Our mobile Applications have variety of functionality to suit your needs.

We also distribute pre-loaded and personalized Smartphone with Apps.


- We distribute the magazines at the hotels as per agreement between Izani, the hotel and the publishing company. These magazines will reach the target market as many people come in and out of the hotel for accommodation, conferencing and events.

- This is targeted at various specific hotels with the publisher.

- The hotel will then give a certain number of rooms to Izani and the publisher which will be broken down into 40% to Izani and 60% to the publisher.

This agreement will allow:

- The publisher to distribute the magazines in order for them to reach the market

- The hotel will be able to advertise on these magazines

- Izani will manage the process and also see to it that the hotels are never short of magazines


- We are able to promote your hotel to various targeted ordinates through special breakfasts hosted by you

- We invite clients to do sight inspection at your hotel

- We plan promotional activities at your hotel like woman's day, Valentines Day, mother's day and ECT.