A 100% Black-Owned Financial Services Company.

About Izani Capital

Izani capital is a 100% black owned financial services company focused on providing new age financial products to clients across all spectrums. We believe in forming the right partnerships to ensure substantial growth, enabling us to provide A-class level of service to our clients.

Our products comprise of private, public and the individual. Our passion is guided by the need to stimulate economic growth through innovative financial services in ensuring that we not only provide solutions to our clients but also empower them with the financial support and knowledge required to move forward with their endeavours.

Izani Capital Offers:

- Contract Financing

- Invoice Discounting

- Performace Gaurantees

- Proffessional Indemnity

- Event Insurance

- Transaction Advisory

- Project Management

Revenue Management

Your business depends on your ability to get back what you are owed fast, therefore, our ability to predict consumer behaviour and use data intelligence to recover your assets means you can get on with what you do best while enjoying improved cash flow and peace of mind.

Shareholder Management

We ensure organisations engage more effectively with their stakeholders. No matter what governance problems or corporate actions you face, we have the skills, experience and scalability to generate the responses you need. We offer an array of integrated services to meet your needs for even the most complex corporate restructurings, offers, spin-offs and demutualisation s Asset Return.

Asset Return

We help organisations to engage effectively with their stakeholders - from shareholders, employees and customers to missing account-holders and beneficiaries. We put the Stakeholder First, clarifying the position of each individual and outlining his or her options from a position of independence.

Izani Capital offers our clients flexible and innovative products to get return on your investment without the hassle of actually implementing the strategies and efforts required in making a good return. There are no minimum investment requirements so you have the freedom to invest what you can afford.

As a new company that is built around serving the people of Africa you will see the best returns and service offered compared to any financial firm currently available in South Africa.