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A 100% Black-Owned Financial Services Company.

About Izani Capital

Izani Capital is a 100% Black owned and managed venture capital fund, created to support the initiatives of the Izani Fintech Accelerator by providing financial and non-financial support to tech start-ups and Fintech innovations.

Izani Capital (the Fund) is a private equity fund that was created to fill a severe funding gap for worthy tech start-ups and Fintech innovators, many of whom have not received any form of support, training, or guidance. The Fund seeks to encourage the growth of emerging tech start-ups and selected small businesses by providing financial and non-financial support. The financial support is in the form of directing Enterprise and Supplier Development from corporate entities to them. The non-financial support is in the form of Business Development Support that will be provided by the Izani Fintech Accelerator.

As a fund, we are committed to the upliftment of all South Africans and that is why all profits realized from the Fund through its investments and after deducting operating expenses will accrue to various nominated NPO’s and NPC’s whose focus is the upliftment of various communities and groups. Funds will also be directed to support entrepreneurs who have won tenders but cannot deliver due to financial constraints. Those who qualify for this type of support will be funded through our invoice discounting and contract financing.

Services we offer:

Because of our close relationship with the South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum and the Izani Fintech Accelerator, we offer corporate investors access to a pool of worthy entrepreneurs to help develop (for Enterprise Development spend recognition) or to diversify their supply chains (for Supplier Development spend recognition).

As a recognized ESD beneficiary, we also offer corporate investors immediate recognition for their B-BBEE scorecards.

During the investment period, periodic reports are provided to the corporate investors on the investment portfolio performance. Where grants are given, we obtain reports on the performance of the relevant enterprise. With loans, we oversee the repayment processes, including instituting collection policies. With investment in equity stakes, TVF participates in the governance structures of the investee company.