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Events & Consulting.

Events consulting and Social Media Intelligence.

Social Analytics

The pace and volume of social media is a challenge when you need the data presented in an actionable format quickly. IZMI's automated reporting provides quantitative data detailing conversation volume, the type of social media, language and geographical breakdowns.

Automated Integrated Analytics

IZMI's automated integrated analytics streamline reporting so you can tell at a glance which topics of importance to you are being covered and where. Whether information is coming from web, print, TV, or radio sources and integrated metrics break down content.

Website Analytics

Generating reports from multiple platforms means spending valuable time and resources getting data together for analysis. IZMI's integrates your website analytics into one place, bringing the visitor numbers, bounce rates, and geographic information together.

We provide media monitoring, analysis, and databases services across all types of media, including print, online, social, TV, and radio. Our real-time analytics, presented with powerful visualizations and flexible reporting functions, allow you to demonstrate your media impact with ease.

Our customized solutions combine unrivaled human insight from a global team of researchers and analysts with the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide valuable, relevant, and actionable insights. Our clients include PR and communications professionals in all industries in the private sector, government, and NGOs all over the world.