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Celebrating 15 years of entrepreneural spirit.


The Gem Group of companies is a focused, black owned integrated media, communications and hospitality group established in 2002, with its headquarters in Sandton, South Africa. The group has been refocused over the past years as an event management specialist of choice to a diversified media group with added activities in hospitality and technology. The new Gem Group has once again significantly enhanced its performance within its focused areas. In a period marked by major economic changes in advertising spending, we continued to grow at a rapid pace. We saw further consolidation of our key ongoing strategies through leveraging and benchmarking ourselves against the best.

Gem Group has long been on the journey to embrace change, and we have enriched our culture and values a great deal over the past few years. In doing so, we aspire to a flat, non hierarchical structure in which our people are encouraged to take responsibility and accountability for running the business together. We believe our consistent performance success is largely attributable to the contribution that our staff and management give. The Gem Group of Companies currently have a combined workforce of more than 1440 and has contributed immensely to job creation in South Africa. read more..

About the Founder and Executive Chairman of Gem Group
Lebo Gunguluza - Entrepreneur, Speaker and Dragon Investor

Lebo Gunguluza is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Gem (Gunguluza Enterprises and Media) Group established in 2002, an integrated media, hospitality and technology group. Gem Group has diversified to various portfolios within the media, leisure, hospitality and IT spheres which include publishing, television, communication technologies, eventing, hotels and resort, property and financial technologies.

Lebo Gunguluza, Entrepreneur, Turnaround Strategist, Inspirational Business Speaker and Dragon Investor - known as the "The Breakthrough Entrepreneur".  A true trailblazer and leader in high technology innovation and great passion for FinTech and Cyber-Security. He is a pioneer in the 4th Industrial Revolution and has made investments in various financial technology companies and digital innovations. He is a Dragon investor from Dragon's Den Africa and  a judge on SABC 2's entrepreneurship TV game show 'The Game Plan'. He is the Founder &  President of SABEF (South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum) which was established 15 years ago and recently completed his 5 year entrepreneur mentorship program called '12-12-12',  where he mentored 12 entrepreneurs, every 12 months who ran 12 companies.